OPPO A1K (2 GB + 32 GB) (RED, 32GB)

Sply. Capacity
1 Packet / day

OPPO A1k utilizes a typical battery value of 4000mAh. OPPO A1k features 1 memory option: 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM. 6.1 inches is the diagonal length of the display when the four rounded corners are taken to be pointed corners. The HD+ display is of 720*1560 resolution. The screen uses Corning Gorilla Glass 3. 5P camera means the camera is composed of 5 modules of lenses. High dynamic range (HDR) is a dynamic range higher than what is considered to be a standard dynamic range. Product images are provided for reference only. Actual product may differ. Some product specifications may be liable to change due to OEM changes and other unforeseen circumstances; please refer to the final product for information. Except where stated, all data provided is based on OPPO design parameters and lab and OEM testing. Actual usage will differ from test cases based on differences in software and product versions as well as usage environment. Device comes with 10W charger, which provides two times faster charging compared to 5W standard fast charger